Saturday, August 2, 2008


A Tale of an Abandoned Dog

Once upon a time, a male dog whose name is unknown - but let us name him: Shadow for the sake of our story -, was abandoned in unknown circumstances. Left for dead, the poor dog, starving, having wounds all over his body, appeared to have been, for several days grappling with death. On one providential day, a traveler, while doing sightseeing, spotted the dying dog by the thorny bush, snapped his fingers to draw the dog’s attention, but to no avail. Finally, he resolutely decided to get out of his car and walk toward the bush where the dog was lying. He compassionately discovered that the dog had become skinny through starvation. A swarm of flies, attracted by a stench from his wounds, were hovering over him.

The traveler, whom we could rightly nickname, “The Good Samaritan”, scrambled back to his car to retrieve a First Aide Kit, nursed, bandaged the dog and fed him. He picked him up and transported him on his shoulders back to the car and traveled together back home.

When they got home the man told his wife about his providential encounter with his new companion. At hearing this, the wife, moved with compassion, did all she could to help the poor dog recuperate health. After several months of intense nursing and care, Shadow recovered his health, became normal. Just as an expression of appreciation for the rescue and unreserved care lavished upon him during all these months, the dog wagged his tail and barked at his new loving and caring masters.

One day, Shadow, noticing that his masters went away leaving the door open, sneaked out and went back to where he used to live. Returning home from their town errands, the couple, to their great disappointment, discovered that Shadow was gone. Where to? No one knew exactly. “What have we done wrong to the dog that made him leave the comfort and care we had graciously offered him?” the couple wondered. All around the house, the atmosphere became intense and gloomy. The joy gone! Unable to eat supper, they both converged to bed and fell fast asleep.

In the middle of the night, something strange happened. They heard a weird scratch on the door. The man got up from the bed and with eyes full of sleep, staggered to the door. “Who are you and what do you want here at this stage of the night?” He asked. A barking mixed with fainting wailing followed! He opened the door to find, to his great surprise, that it was Shadow returning from his outing with five other skinny and needy dogs.

Isn’t this what Jesus requires of us? His blessings, care and love he has lavished upon us, having called us out of darkness into the marvelous light, the hope of eternal life he has promised to all who have met with him and believed in his saving mercy, shouldn’t this be our sole motivation to go back and splash the good news of free salvation to the perishing souls! What would the world be if we all acted and responded like Shadow! Many Shadowlike individuals are needed for the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:19, 20.

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