Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Samuel Ntawiniga's Reaction to Dan Rugabira's Response

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Re: False ProphetsWednesday, January 26, 2011 6:47 PM
From: "Samuel Ntawiniga" View contact details
To: "Rugabira, Dan (FODP)"
Cc: "Salomon Maniraguha" , "Aaron Bizumwami" , "Salatiel Munyemanzi" , "" , "Nyishime" ... more
Hi Dan,

Ibyo uvuga n'ibyukuri. Ibi bivugwa byose ntabwo byaturutse ku badivantisiti baba baciraho iteka ahubwo nibo ubwabo bisubiraniramo. Remember these churches are the daughters of the great hallot of Revelation 17. Whatever the angle we may look it from the truth will prevail against the lie and Banylon will auto-distroy. When I say this I mean the systems spearheaded by the televangelists who promote the prosperty gospel where Jesus is featured as a marketable product. Jesus never promised his followers material but spiritual prosperity. The fact that I am poor and do not fly a private jet like these opportunist preachers does not suggest that there is something wrong between me and God. Material blessings are not indicators that someone has been blessed by God and he has been given access to eternal life or their prayers are more fervent than those of the poor. See Matthew 19:17-28

The prosperity gospel has been shaped and is influenced by a savage capitalism. Let's just give it a benefit of time!

Samuel Ntawiniga

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